Sarah Crider’s Vocal Studio

Here at S.C.V.S, we teach One-on-One voice lessons for students ages 6  and above. (Not offering group lessons at this time)

We offer…

Pop, r&b, Musical Theatre and Classical Singing Lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students.


We teach…

Proper Breathing

Posture/Alignment, Ear Training and Vocal Techniques,

Vocal Strength,

Vocal Registers and how to blend them,

Increase your Vocal Range,

Belting and how to sing high notes the easy way.

So whether you just want to learn how to sing for fun, trying to prepare for an audition, improve your voice as a Worship leader, want to go back to your first love (singing), build your confidence or want to feel alive again through Singing, Teacher Sarah is here to the rescue! 😊

Teacher Sarah is a Singer, Performer and currently a Voice Teacher/Vocal Coach dedicated to teaching Classical, Pop, R&B, Gospel and Tradional/Contemporary Musical Theatre to students of ages 6 and up. She had taught for four years in the Philippines where she was originally from and where she took her Bachelors degree in Vocal Performance as well. In 2013, she came to America and pursued her Masters in Vocal Performance at Lee University and graduated in 2014. Her goal is to teach students from all backgrounds Healthy Vocal techniques in their preferred Music Style or Genre, but at the same time have fun singing while learning. She has performed in concerts, musicals, operas and oratorios and churches both here and back in the Philippines. She taught at Guitar Center Lessons for almost 2 years. Also, she has been a Private Vocal Instructor in America since 2016.  She recently received her Voice Teacher Training Certification from One of the best Vocal Coaches in New York.

Sharing her God-given talent and the gift of music in singing is what gives her joy in this line of work. And being able to see the progress of her students is incredibly fulfilling for her as a Teacher.